Anthonia Bejide - Makeup Artist



Since 2011 I have had the pleasure of working in the one field that I love, makeup artistry. My makeup career began five years ago as a beauty advisor for Sears Canada’s Cargo Cosmetics. One year later I joined the Mac Cosmetics’ Hudson's Bay Rideau team as one of their Mac Artists. While working for Mac I received certifications for Makeup Application, Makeup Lessons and Advanced Makeup Certifications. For the last two years I have worked as a freelance makeup artist, where I have worked on commercial events, such as bridal events, fashion shows, editorial publications, makeup workshops, television programs, short and feature films, music videos and live theater. My love and interest in this field is reflected by my experience. Each makeup style keeps things interesting and keeps me inspired.


Phone: (613)263.9152

Instagram: Anthoniamakeup

Facebook: Anthonia Bejide